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Yeah, music!

Back then when I had more free time I was passionate about creating my own music. I used different composing apps available at the time. Also, I was approached by my friends to make some soundtracks for their works, including indie films. Some of these tracks are over 20 years old, but even now they still sound not that bad. Now I don’t have as much free time as I used to when I was at school and university, but I always try to find a couple hours to play drums in the studio.

  • The Panther's Fly (ft. V-Storm) 00:00
  • Stoned Roomz (OST Bachelor) 00:00
  • The Thursday 00:00
  • No Men Need 00:00
  • It Does Not Matter 00:00


I am always open to new interesting ideas and startups. If you need some help with your project – please do not hesitate to contact me right now!


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