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I love photography

It is difficult to find anything that can bring me as much true pleasure as photography. I shoot portraits of interesting people, charged cars, beautiful nature, aerial panoramas and images for ecommerce. I’m interested in everything related to the world of digital photography such as using neural networks to improve the quality of the photos or making DIY gear for 360-degree sets.



Panoramic View

360 view

I really love experiments and always look for non-trivial solutions for any kind of tasks. For example, 5 years ago, I crafted a DIY mini studio from a table from Aliexpress with a rotating motor, a softbox, two flashes, and a control unit to create sets of 360-degree photo for my vape shop. Image creation is fully automated, post-processing is handled by Photoshop actions and takes about 1.5 minutes per one object. 



I am always open to new interesting ideas and startups. If you need some help with your project – please do not hesitate to contact me right now!


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