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Just a popular vape shop in Russia. The newest products of the vape industry directly from their manufacturers. A wide range of the latest devices and eliquids, lowest prices and very fast delivery. Advanced filtering, online payments, instant calculation of shipping costs, 360-degree photo of the goods and more. 

My Role

Team Lead, Concept, Branding, Design, HR, Management, SEO, Marketing

When the trend of electronic cigarettes became especially popular in Russia, I got an idea to establish my own network of vape shops. It was very interesting for me to create a store from scratch, so I preferred to run all of the necessary tasks as much as possible by my own. I visited several foreign vape exhibitions, went to China and signed supply contracts with the most advanced manufacturers of devices and eliquids. While the product was on its way, I developed the concept of an online store, registered the trademark and began to build a team. At the time of arrival of the cargo (2 months later), I had already arranged all the necessary contracts, an office, a warehouse, an offline store, a mini photo studio, a functioning online store, well-organized delivery and ready-to-work staff. The team at that time already had 7 members. The store began to grow rapidly and after 2 months we started to get a net profit. However, six months later, in connection with moving to another region, I decided to sell that business. Unfortunately, the change of ownership did not benefit the store. At the current moment, the store is in stagnation and has already changed several owners.