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Once again, switching several IT news sites on my tablet, I wondered how inconvenient it was to scroll through all these tabs in search of valuable and interesting news. While travelling during one of the business trips, when I was dreaming, I got an idea – what if I make a lightweight IT world news aggregator? Only for developers. Without any ads, distracting pictures, and other annoying noises. And I wanted to make a really simple and convenient resource, information for which would be collected automatically from the trusted sources. The maximum concentration of useful information in a convenient form.

My Role

Concept, Design, Solo Project

It took me 2 weeks to fully develop this project. I determined the necessary functionality, created the design, worked in detail on the UX and found the suitable technical solutions. Now the database of the site gets replenished automatically with the information from the most authoritative and interesting sources and the resource is growing bit by bit. For now I am looking for additional opportunities to promote it and I do my best to ensure that Boroda.io in the long run will grow into a full-fledged community of Russian-speaking developers.